Browse through the different research fields of Ishikuro Laboratory and experience the versatility of integrated circuit design.


Ultra-Low Power

By using new architectures, we are trying to cut down the power of conventional circuits. By designing low powered circuits, not only the power consumption is cut down but new applications can be realized as well.

What is “Sensor Network”?

  • Sensing the condition of the room.
  • Air conditioning is adjusted by the feedback of the temperature of the room.
  • When no one is in the room; the lights are turned off.

Analog to Digital

  • Ultra-fast data transmission (Large capacity videos can be easily downloaded)
  • No modulation is required; low power and long life.
  • Although, there were no high speed ADC which can be used for UWB in the past.
  • In Ishikuro Lab, we are researching an ADC which has 1/10 area and power compared to conventional ADCs, and twice as fast as well.


RFID is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency waves to transfer data. We are developing the system which can receive and transmit radio frequency waves by designing RFID reader circuit to cancel noises.