If you are interested in joining the laboratory contact Prof. Ishikuro by E-Mail. It is helpful to include a brief description of your current background and your interest fields.

In general, the laboratory life is very friendly towards international students. A lot of necessary material is provided in English such as a laboratory internal wiki and meeting slides. The laboratory members are divided into different research groups each group has a weekly meeting with the supervisor do discuss the current process. This is a common way of interaction in Japanese laboratories. The meetings are very helpful to document ones own research and receive helpful tips.

The laboratory provides very convenient and flexible working hours, so there are no conflicts with other lectures or appointments. Students are free in planing their schedule, so there are no mandatory days/hours of presence.

Laboratory Life

Joining this laboratory is a great chance to work on research topics of one’s own interest in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, receiving the chance to present at international conferences and obtain valuable experiences in the academic field.